4 comments on “Books, Video Games and a Lone Wanderer…

  1. I look forward to meeting you in person this weekend. I am teaching the other class at Lakeland. Enjoy your writing and can relate to the winter depression but unlike you I have not found a cure.


    • Hi Patti- thanks for your comments! I don’t think any of us in NEOhio will ever find a cure to the winter blahs (short of moving to a place where it’s always warm and sunny!), so we search for ways to cope and struggle through instead. Start of Motorcycle classes means we’re on the other side of the tunnel for another year!
      See you at Lakeland!


  2. I just read this today and was telling James about your game addiction. He wanted me to warn you that Skyrim “stole his soul” when he started paying it!!! 🙂 Enjoy.

    Love reading your writing.


    • Thanks! Tell James I’ve had to stick to a rule of Skyrim ONLY while riding excercycle when I got home from work- which has led to several nights covering a whole lot of miles (and hours) on the bike!

      Thanks for reading!


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